Dave Ebert

I’m known as the ‘lost shark guy’ because throughout my career I have searched for, and frequently found, those unknown or little-known sharks, rays and ghost sharks that most people know almost nothing about. How did I get interested in sharks? It started with my parents who gave me a book about sharks when I was about five years old. Thumbing through the pages and looking at the various illustrations, I thought these were the coolest critters I had ever seen! I was hooked at an early age and decided I was going to make it my lifelong passion to travel and search for these unusual sharks.

I have always been an explorer at heart and what better way to explore the world than to travel and search for ‘lost’ sharks. ‘What is a “lost” shark?’, you might ask. Well, it is basically most species except for the charismatic ones, like the white shark, that feature in numerous documentaries and in shark attack horror movies. With the exception of Shark Week’s successful Alien Shark series, which highlights rare species such as the megamouth and goblin sharks, most shows of this nature only feature the large, toothy sharks.

Today, I have made it my mission to search for, discover and document these ‘lost’ sharks.