Haley Pope

From the time I was born, I was curious and imaginative. My family moved overseas when I was four and I grew up in Malaysia and Chile where my natural inclinations were stoked: I hung from tree branches, chased after wildlife, drank in the tropical rainstorms, and climbed mountains.

Years later, I earned a B.A. in biology from Elon University in North Carolina and in the process, learned I desired more hands-on field experiences. Shortly after graduation, I moved to South Africa and enrolled at Stellenbosch University where I obtained an M.S. degree in zoology.

In South Africa, I was re-introduced to a breathtaking natural world. I ran through national parks with warthogs on my heels and giraffes in the distance, tracked wild dogs through the bush and great white sharks along the coast, and trembled in excitement whenever I heard a laughing hyena or lion roar. Every morning, I woke up in awe of the nature that surrounded me.

At the same time, I was learning about conservation issues like climate change, poaching, human-wildlife conflict, invasive species, wildlife crime, habitat degradation, and overpopulation that impacted both wildlife and local communities.

I began to see a great need for science communication. People only make responsible decisions about their own lives and our shared planet if they have the knowledge to do so. I decided to help fill the gaps using the power of photography and storytelling to achieve greater science literacy and encourage us to be conscientious in our actions towards the planet. I want to capture your imagination, inform, and inspire.