Sarah Waries

‘Sarah Titley, our project manager, grew up in landlocked Nepal, so although she has always been seriously passionate about wildlife and conservation, her interest in marine life did not develop until much later. After school she spent some time in Zambia as a conservation research assistant before completing a degree in zoology at Southampton University.

‘For her honours thesis Sarah came to Cape Town to study the Chacma baboons. Having fallen in love with the area, she returned as soon as her studies were completed and took up a position with a local environmental organisation managing a range of projects. She even popped back to the UK to implement the Wimbledon tennis tournament’s first recycling system. Now she is responsible for the overall running of the Shark Spotters programme, dealing with all aspects from budgets to human resources. She enjoys the daily challenges of managing such a dynamic and innovative project, as well as her new-found passion for sharks and marine life.

written by Alison Kock